Scottish Gaelic Translation


An Darach Ltd is able to provide a written translation service of English - Scottish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic - English. A fast-response service for documents (letters, reports, scripts, books etc) is available in hard copy or can be e-mailed in WORD format. Generally, translations can be completed at a level of 1500 - 1800 words per day. Our translator is a native speaker and writer of Scottish Gaelic, who, even from his Edinburgh base, uses the language on a day to day basis and is familiar with new terminology applied across a range of subjects including education, health, social services, political and legal processes. He has several years experience of translation work, providing this service for government agencies and private companies.

Also available is a simultaneous translation service for situations where oration/debate is through the medium of Gaelic.

Experience also of Voice-overs and Gaelic CD Rom translations.

Quotes are available on request, but the general rate applied for written translation is 90 per 1000 Gaelic words (mimimum charge 25). For simultaneous translation, the general rate applied is 150 per day (minimum charge 25).

We look forward to being of service to you.