An Darach Ltd

An Darach Ltd is a small Edinburgh-based family-owned company that offers a range of personal transport and Gaelic-related services to clients.

Driving and touring services are provided by a reliable and competent driver with more than thirty years professional experience in the public service sector. As a native bilingual Hebridean, he has a wide-ranging knowledge of Scotland, particularly the Highlands and Islands.

Gaelic-related services are provided by an experienced, native Gaelic speaker who has a lifetime knowledge of the Scottish Gaelic world, community and social life, cultural traditions, education, language revival, and political developments. Translation and information services provided reflect the practical skills of a secure and confident Gaelic communicator who has his finger firmly on the Gaelic pulse of Scotland.

All services are provided on a strictly Monday to Saturday only basis.

Please view individual pages for detailed information about our services.

We look forward to being of service to you.